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An Introduction to the Old Italian Violins

in simplified Chinese

300 years of violin making in a glance. Indispensible companion to anyone wishing to understand violin history.

The Violin in 5ths

Developing Intonation and Sound

An innovative practice technique that gives a real edge to anyone wishing to improve their playing skills.

Antonio Stradivari - The Complete Works

A landmark publication.

The most comprehensive collection ever published on the work of the master luthier and his sons.

by Simon Morris,

Director, ] & A Beare

by Beares Publishing team

The many and varied circumstances under which Antonio Stradivari's instruments have been played, repaired and preserved over the centuries have exerted a profound effect upon their current condition and appearance. In fact, much of the beauty of the eighteenth­century Italian instruments we see today...

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Antonio Stradivari experimented constantly with the violin form established by the Amati family. During his lifetime he created 13 original violin moulds, 3 viola moulds, a perfected Forma B and Forma B piccolo cello model that still represent the gold standard for cello making. ...

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by Rodney Friend,

Professor at the Royal Academy of Music, London

The violin is a wonderful but very difficult instrument. It requires endless hours of practice in order to master it and even longer to have it produce a beautiful sound. Here are Professor Rodney Friend’s five top tips to make the most of your daily practice, and make things a little easier...

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