Antonio Stradivari The Complete

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An Introduction to the Old Italian Violins

in simplified Chinese


300 years of violin making in a glance. Indispensible companion to anyone wishing to understand violin history.

The Violin in 5ths

Developing Intonation and Sound

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An innovative practice technique that gives a real edge to anyone wishing to improve their playing skills.


Antonio Stradivari - The Complete Works

A landmark publication.

The most comprehensive collection ever published on the work of the master luthier and his sons.

A Book Review by Beares Publishing team

by Simon Morris,

Director, ] & A Beare

What if James Bond’s favourite weapon had been a Stradivari violin instead of the Walther PPK? His life would likely have been as colourful as that of Desmond Cecil.

In his newly published memoir The Wandering Civil Servant of Stradivarius (Quartet Books), Desmond Cecil takes us on the fantastic journey ...

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The many and varied circumstances under which Antonio Stradivari's instruments have been played, repaired and preserved over the centuries have exerted a profound effect upon their current condition and appearance. In fact, much of the beauty of the eighteenth­century Italian instruments we see today...

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5 tips to improve your daily violin prac

by Rodney Friend,

Professor at the Royal Academy of Music, London

by Beares Publishing team

The violin is a wonderful but very difficult instrument. It requires endless hours of practice in order to master it and even longer to have it produce a beautiful sound. Here are Professor Rodney Friend’s five top tips to make the most of your daily practice, and make things a little easier...

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Antonio Stradivari experimented constantly with the violin form established by the Amati family. During his lifetime he created 13 original violin moulds, 3 viola moulds, a perfected Forma B and Forma B piccolo cello model that still represent the gold standard for cello making. ...

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