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Antonio Stradivari:
The Complete Works

Explore this ultimate six-volume collection of the world's most celebrated violinmaker and discover his unparalleled legacy.


Immerse yourself in the beauty and craftsmanship of his legendary instruments and learn about his life and work. Whether you are a musician, a collector, or simply a music lover, this is the perfect place to be inspired by Stradivari's quest for perfection.

For music students

2.The violin in 5th.png

The Violin in 5ths, Developing intonation and sound by
Prof Rodney Friend

Delve into a structured approach to mastering difficult passages commonly found in classical violin literature. The book sheds light on a practice embraced by the best violinists throughout history—the technique of practising the violin in 5ths, aligning with the instrument's natural tuning. Remarkably, this age-old practice has now been formalised in a standalone technique, providing players with an invaluable addition to their daily warm-up routines.

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