How to achieve better intonation & sound?


Prof Rodney Friend's warm-up exercises and practice patterns that help violin players cultivate left-hand facility. 


Aimed at intermediary to advanced players, the step by step approach will help you master difficult passages frequently encountered in classical violin literature. 

How to apply the method?


The book is structured as a continuous "lesson" that leads the player from one stage up to the next. After the tuning and warm-up exercises, each difficult passage of violin literature is split into 3 successive steps: 

1. Start with the practice patterns.  

2. Once practice patterns are mastered, play the difficult passage in 5ths.

3. Only when you have mastered the passage in 5ths, move back to the original.

The first two steps build up speed and facility that leads to easier mastery of the original score.



Thank you so much for this, Rodney. I wish I had known about it some 35/40 years ago. It would have saved me years of pain and frustration to work on my left hand (in special intonation).

A major breakthrough for violin method! Professor has help me and my students solving many technical difficulties.

Alucinante!!! Gracias por sus conceptos de veras útiles!!!

Table of Content


The Correct Left-Hand and Wrist Position as

seen on Most Famous Players


Tuning & Warm-Up 

- Creating Frets 

- Tuning 5ths - Creating Frets 

- Scales in 5ths  

- Arpeggios 

- Natural Harmonics 

- Stopped Notes 

- Warm-up Scales 

- Shifting to and from Stopped 5ths to Natural


Harmonics in 5ths 

- The Influence of 5ths 

Exercises & Practices 

 - Bach: Chaconne 

- Paganini: 5th Caprice 

- Beethoven: Concerto | Opening 

- Bach: Gigue in D Minor 

- Brahms: Concerto | 1st Movement 

- Paganini: 24th Caprice | Variation 9, Left-hand Pizzicato 

- Sarasate: Malaguena | Pizzicato Variation 

- Sibelius: Concerto | 1st Cadenza 

- Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante 

- Brahms: Adagio | 3rd Sonata 

- Paganini: 11th Caprice 

- Mendelssohn: Concerto 

- Tchaikovsky: Concerto 

- Paganini: Moto Perpetuo

- Paganini: 24th Caprice | 3rd Variation 

- Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen  

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