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Antonio Stradivari
The Complete Works
Library Edition



About the book

The most comprehensive collection ever made on the work of the master luthier.
8 years of research, distilled into 6 volumes and 2000 pages, with unprecedented detail of provenances, printed to the finest technical standards. 

Print run of 1000 copies

The essential guide for collectors and experts

The collection documents all known instruments made by the Stradivari workshop, with clear and concise historical information on each. In addition, there are over 150 in-depth features of the most outstanding instruments, each containing 6 pages of detailed illustrations and historical information complemented by commentary from project leader John Dilworth.

- Nearly 900 documented Antonio Stradivari instruments

- 7 years of research led by an international team of dealers, scholars and institutions

- Carefully edited provenances, checked across instruments, drawing where possible on original sources


- Highest quality colour photographs complemented by black and white archive images


- New classification system that identifies instruments independently of name and year attribution

- An exclusive print run of 1000 copies per set of 6 volumes


An exquisitely produced work

Highly reputed British and Italian design and production teams have used the most advanced digital technology and equipment available to make the collection.

Each volume measures 300 x 360mm; is bound in natural leather, with grey cloth, gold and grey debossing. The entire collection weighs circa 17kg.

- Retail price: £3900

- Deluxe Edition of 100, numbered and signed: £5000

- Delivery in 2022

- Free shipping worldwide*

*local customs and duties may apply 


A luthier who defined

violin craftsmanship for all generations to come.

Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) was a perfectionist and an innovator. From adolescence through his 93rd year, he constantly experimented with the shape, varnish and materials of the violin, seeking the perfect tone that could project a universe of sound to the farthest reaches of the largest concert hall. His prolific output includes some of the most beautiful stringed instruments ever made, whose craftsmanship has yet to be equalled even with modern skills and technology .


Today, his keen spirit and passion lives on in his work and continues to inspire generation after generation of players and violin-makers.

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