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Embark on a captivating creative journey with the sought-after Deluxe Edition of "Antonio Stradivari: The Complete Works."


These limited-edition volumes are meticulously crafted, each handbound in exquisite Italian leather, boasting gilded edges and title lettering. Nestled in elegant Parisian-grey slipcases, the volumes come equipped with ribbons for seamless handling. These exclusive sets comprise six volumes, with the first one being personalized through a calligraphed name. 


This publication represents the pinnacle of nine years of meticulous research by our esteemed international team. For the first time, collectors gain access to curated provenances of all known Stradivari instruments. Featuring state-of-the-art photographic color reproductions of over 450 instruments, alongside archive imagery, this edition provides an unparalleled understanding of the master luthier's work.


More than just a book, this publication marks a turning point in Stradivarian studies, destined to become the definitive reference for future generations of researchers and collectors. To reconstruct the histories of nearly 850 instruments, the publication draws on existing research, including contributions from Herbert Goodkind and Ernest Doring, cross-referencing it with new insights from prestigious dealers' archives such as John Betts, W.E. Hill & Sons, Rembert Wurlitzer, Jacques Français, and J. & A. Beare.


In a collaborative effort with collectors, dealers, colleagues, and institutions, this project leverages a wealth of shared records. The sheer scale of this publication not only builds upon existing research but also surpasses and supersedes all previously published sources. 


Elevate your reading experience with this collectible Deluxe Edition, blending artistry and sophistication in every detail. Secure your unique set now to own a piece of Stradivari history in the most exquisite form.


Antonio Stradivari: The Complete Works | Deluxe Edition

Delivery schedule to be confirmed
  • • Deluxe Edition

    • 100 numbered copies

    • Handbound in fine-grain Italian leather

    • Gilded edges and gold foil debossing on the cover

    • Personalized Ex-Libris

    • Dimensions: 300 x 360mm

  • Free delivery for all pre-orders.

    *Orders placed after 1 January 2022 by EU customers may be subject to VAT at the rate applicable in the country of delivery.

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