The Violin in 5ths, Developing intonation and sound by Prof Rodney Friend

Brief overview

The Violin in 5ths by Professor Rodney Friend is a 48-page workbook consisting of warm-up exercises followed by practice patterns that help violin players cultivate left-hand facility, develop intonation and achieve a better sound. Aimed at intermediary to advanced players, the book also helps master difficult passages frequently encountered in classical violin literature. The best violinists in history have naturally practiced the violin in 5ths, as the instrument itself is tuned in 5ths. However, up until now, this practice had not been formalised as a stand-alone technique that players could integrate into their daily warm-up routines.


How to use the book

The book is structured as a continuous "lesson" that leads the player from one stage up to the next. After the tuning a