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Brief overview

Explore the transformative power of "The Violin in 5ths" by Professor Rodney Friend, a comprehensive 48-page workbook designed for intermediate to advanced violin players. This unique guide features warm-up exercises and practice patterns meticulously crafted to enhance left-hand facility, improve intonation, and elevate overall sound quality.


Delve into a structured approach to mastering difficult passages commonly found in classical violin literature. The book sheds light on a practice embraced by the best violinists throughout history—the technique of practicing the violin in 5ths, aligning with the instrument's natural tuning. Remarkably, this age-old practice has now been formalized in a standalone technique, providing players with an invaluable addition to their daily warm-up routines.


Unleash your violin-playing potential and discover the benefits of "The Violin in 5ths" as you enhance your skills, achieve precision in intonation, and navigate challenging musical passages with confidence. Elevate your violin practice with this groundbreaking workbook—order now to revolutionize your daily routine.


How to use the book

Meticulously structured, this workbook is designed to guide players through progressive stages. Beginning with tuning and warm-up exercises, each challenging passage in the violin literature unfolds in three successive steps.

First, engage in purposeful practice patterns; next, explore the score in 5ths; and finally, conquer the original score. This methodical approach aims to enhance speed and facility, ultimately facilitating a smoother mastery of the original musical piece. Elevate your violin-playing skills with this step-by-step guide, optimizing your practice routine for maximum effectiveness.


About the author

British violinist, esteemed concertmaster and reputed Royal Academy of Music professor, Rodney Friend had as a young man the privilege to collaborate with many of the virtuosos. During these encounters, he observed the simplicity of their practice patterns, effortless postures and their natural hand freedom. These observations became the cornerstones of his reputed teaching method that he developed and perfected over the past decades.


The Violin in 5ths, Developing intonation and sound by Prof Rodney Friend

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